sharpen your pencil

a letter from the editor

I used to keep a private journal until one day I got tired of reading about myself.

There’s an exercise in which a journal is kept amongst a group of writers. Built around a specific topic, it is written in by each person at a time, feeding off of, questioning and elaborating on each other’s ideas.

Today, September 8, 2011 marks the launch of the berlin art journal.

Ours is a similar exercise: a collaborative effort dealing with a particular topic—contemporary art in, from, and around Berlin. A conveyance of ideas, thoughts and semi-theoretical statements merge in an ever-drafting platform where ideas are collected, discussed, challenged and re-worked. We’ve built the journal as an emancipated publication, a soft-cover pad where documenters of Berlin’s art world take elaborate notes as they participate in the discourse from within.

In this first edition, we inquire as to the status quo of the Berlin art world: the cause of its current state and the potential effects for its future. Our position is not authoritarian, but rather inquisitive—curious. In parallel with the contemporary art process’ flux in the city, the journal adapts organically to the challenges and questions raised by today and tomorrow’s Berlin.

Join the conversation.—Alonso Dominguez

[Image: ABC before installing, by Maxime Ballesteros]