schöneberg/potsdamer Platz

gallery weekend preview

Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie
The Big Inexplicable Paravant Illusion Pt. 1
April 27 - June 6
This diverse group show far exceeds the walls of Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie. Having been created in collaboration with Magischer Zirkel Berlin (a secret association of magicians whose meeting rooms are located in the same building as the exhibition space), The Big Inexplicable Paravant Illusion Pt. 1 incorporates the gallery space, adjacent rooms and back garden. Artists among the likes of Andrea Branzi, Jos de Gruyter & Harald and Turner Prize winner Susan Philipzs have installed object based, photographic and video works that deal with illusion and perception alongside surrealist photographs from Man Ray and others. In a bizarrely appropriate performative component, magicians will perform spontaneous acts of to people visiting the show during Gallery Weekend.

Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender
Matthias Schaufler
April 12 - June 9
Matthis Schaufler abstract works are a corporeal investigation into the gestural mark. Lines of pigment are sparingly scratched onto and applied by hand and brush to Schaufler's enigmatic canvases in a process that the artist himself refers to as a "confrontation." This term with which Schaufler approaches his practice decidedly disconnects himself from a traditional methodology and acts as the starting point for detaching his work from representational restraints.

Matt Mullican
Two into One becomes Three
April 27 - June 30
In a stunningly monumental work 70 panels of rubbing, acrylic and oil stick on canvas envelopes almost the entirety of Klosterfelde's gallery space. A mix of images and hieroglyphic symbols are the visual language that make up this dichromatic black and yellow wall hanging. The content is derived from French academics Denis Diderot and John d’Alembert, two authors an Encyclopedia that reflected new enlightenment views. The monolith combines aspects of this with Mullican's own input in an attempt catalog the evolution of human knowledge and the arts.

Johann König
Katharina Grosse
They Had Taken Things Along to Eat Together
April 28 - May 26
For Kathatina Grosse's inaugural show at Johann Konig, a new series of paintings sits alongside the artist's site specific, large scale installation. Atmospheric and energetic aesthetics define the German artist's practice, and Grosse draws upon various modes of painting, such as graffiti and abstract expressionism (with a touch of psychedelia), to form a unique visual voice. The artists' installation work consists of large piles of colored soil ontop of which the artist has painted directly onto the dirt’s surface. Angular white stryrofoam juts up from the earth creating a mixture of organic and synthetic elements that blurs the boundary between sculpture, architecture and painting. The exploration of space and medium is demanding with an immense scale and a vibrant palette that requires the viewers full immersion.

Tanya Leighton Gallery
Alejandro Cesarco
The Early Years
April 27 - June 23
What and who dictates a personal narrative? This is the question Alejandro Ceasrco explores in his exhibition "The Early Years" at Tanya Leighton Gallery. The series is divided into four separate projects that assume various formats. Utilizing ext, video and books, Cearsrco reflects inwards to answer questions of his own identity (both real and imagined) in relation to story telling. Looking back on influences through photographs, a summarized version of the the young artist life and a video work that investigates imaginative tendencies, each of these pieces question the process of remembering and editing a life story and the creative possibilities that surround it.

Esther Schipper
Dominique Gonzales Foerster
Return to noreturn
April 21 - May 19
For this new film by artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, the French artist has appropriated one of her earlier works. Titled Return, the film was shot in 2009 in the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall during the exhibition TH.2085. In the artist's revision process, the original piece has been edited and reorganized and retieled The Return to Noretun. This revision stands as a symbolic obsession with past work and the insatiable desire revisit and revise. In doing so, The Return to Noreturn takes on a new life. With it, basic visual elements have been shifted and objects from the screen have been brought into real time and are now presented as separate pieces alongside their video incarnations. Sassa Trulzsch Alexandra Leykauf Heart of Chambers April 20 - June 30, 2012 Heart of Chambers is divided into two separate exhibition spaces. In each, artist Alexandra Leykauf uses these situational explorations to analyze the illusion of space in both 2D and 3D forms. In Blumenthalstr. 8a, Leykauf has juxtaposed a white box that is representative of the exhibition space itself with a black and white photograph of said box. Adjacently in Blumenthalstr 8b, architectural relief molds made from paper mache are hung with another ten-part series of photographs.

Wien Lukatsch
Edition Hansjorg Mayer, London, Mark Boyle, Richard Hamilton, Tom Phillips, Dieter Roth, Andre Thomkins
April 27 - June 14
JETZT showcases a diverse collection of German publisher mogul Hansjörg Mayer editions from the last half century. These works on paper, films, music and books span a variety of influential European artists with whom Mayer had an influential role in disseminating their work. Additionally, exceptional original pieces from the publishing house's authors will be presented alongside the archive, as well as with two films and a series of super-8 films by artist Dieter Roth.

[Image: Noreturn, 2009, by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster; videostill, courtesy the artist and Esther Schipper, Berlin]