gallery weekend preview

Galerie Guido W. Baudach
Thomas Zipp
Blackout Chambers, L'Arc de Cercle and Dissociative Amnesia
April 28 - June 9
In a two-exhibition-space show, Thomas Zipp has transformed the Wedding and Charlottenberg locations of Galerie Guido W. Baudach utilizing a full range of artistic mediums. Paintings, photographs, sculpture, installation and graphic works are orchestrated into intricate relationships that alienate and confuse the viewer as your own perception, relation to others and your individuality becomes heightened in these interactive, altered spaces.

Galerie Buchholz
Mathias Poledna
April 27 - June 16
A Village By The Sea
Los Angeles based artist Mathias Poledna is showing both film and work on canvas at Galerie Buchholz. The 35 mm black and white film titled A Village by The Sea (to be screened at Delphi Filmpalast a nearby cinema located on Kantstraße 12a) is a highly choreographed duet in the style of an early 1940s musical. Having been filmed on an LA sound stage, the male and female characters inhabit a world of simulated nostalgia. Conversely, Mathias Poledna has filled Galerie Bucholz with 36 monochromatic works on canvas that have taken their pink hue from the paper color of the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. This juxtaposition of a hyper-narrative with a monochromatic abstraction explores the concepts of imitation and remembrance.

Galerie Michael Haas
Charles Matton
(1933 - 2008)
April 17 - May 25
“Rigorously detailed” is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Charles Matton's “boxes.” These diorama recreations of miniature interiors are excruciatingly accurate. Seemingly freestanding windows into another world, these installations depict a three dimensional version of the world this French painter would have rendered on canvas. Not only does Matton replicate the architectural spaces with furniture, but the artist has incorporated precise lighting into each box in an effort to situate the still-lives somewhere between craftsmanship, obsession and voyeurism.

Galerie Micky Schubert
Lydia Gifford
Lydia Gifford's works are created by humble means: graphite powder, a single nail, beeswax. Although described as a painter, Gifford utilizes an array of materials that she situates in space and as wall hangings to beg the question, “What is painting?” Gifford wants to liberate it from traditional modes of representation. While pigment is consistently used throughout the artist's methodology, the way in which Gifford applies the material (often on the gallery wall or floor) is a self-described improvisation of gestural marks that are choreographed in application and atmospheric in style.

Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner
Francois Morellet
April 18- June 30

Francois Morelley is one of the first 20th century artists to incorporate neon tubing into his work and the artist's fascination with the medium has lasted for the last half century. “Neonly” presents a collection of seven works from the artist created between 1972-2011. This industrial and luminescent material is a constant for the artist who uses the rods to create geometric shapes. Often used in conjunction with traditional materials such as wood or canvas, these combinations showcase Morellet’s continuous re-questioning of the possibility of light as sculpture within the visual arts.

[Image: “A Village by the Sea”, 2011; 35mm, b/w, optical sound, 5' 40''; 35mm frame enlargement; filmstill; Courtesy Galerie Buchholz, Berlin/Cologne]