flowers and chocolate

beatriz milhazes at galerie max hetzler

A Brazilian, female painter who depicts seasonal flowers—a whopping cliché, you might say. But Beatriz Milhazes is no Sunday painter. By embodying her stereotype, Milhazes creates shockingly imposing works from the most delicate (and overpainted) of subjects. Galerie Max Hetzler will present a sweeping exhibition of recent works from September 10 – November 5. Four paintings form the centrepiece of the exhibition, with their sizes corresponding to the length of each season in her home city, Rio de Janeiro. Floral motifs applied through decal transfer create a counter play of flatness and dimensionality in their layers and give the flowers a rigidity of substance in contrast to their natural existence.

Alongside the paintings, Milhazes will present her first sculpture, a mobile of Carnival float decorations sourced from a stage she designed for her sister, no doubt playing on the kitschy aspects of Rio’s most known cultural event, as well as a series of new collages, which feature candy wrappers as a background. —Alexander Forbes

[Image: Summer love, part 1 of Four Seasons, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 300 x 500 cm, Courtesy the artist & Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin]